Lydeeah Loves… Op Shop Bargains!

Hello Pretty People,   So you probably remember when I started this blog I made a post in regards to op shopping and tips and tricks. I went op shopping the other day and I made excellent purchases all under … Continue reading

Lydeeah Loves a Little Snood – The Winter MUST HAVE.

Lydeeah Loves a little Snood! I am loving the “snood” . Scarf/Hood – It is my favourite MUST HAVE this Winter. No dragging of the scarf on the ground, no loose ends, doesnt end up between your legs etc etc. … Continue reading

Hello Pretty People: 4 Jackets: 4 Different Looks: was only $20 dollars Each!

Hello Pretty People: I though I’d share my bargins that I just got recently. I got 4 jackets. That can have multiple looks. Only $20 bucks! So I’ll Post It model the first Jumper/Jacket etc : So first up is: … Continue reading