Lydeeah Loves.. Beauty Basket no. 1

Hello Pretty People,


So I subscribed to this new beauty craze “BEAUTY BASKET” for three months to check out the little cute baskets that gets delivered right to your door every month.

Check out their Face Book Page: and their website App to order your very own cute surprises of the latest and greatest of all beauty products. Its amazing 🙂

To describe the feeling and what it looked like to me, It was like a lucky dip surprise basket and I was truly amazed by what I found. There was 5 items and most of them were the actual sizes of the product and they were amazing brands too.

And another +1 for the Gorgeous “Just Be” magazine for Fragrance/Fashion/Beauty. I am enjoying the cute reads in there (while eating a cheese toastie) With my post-it Flags for everything I like and love and want.

This is how I found it:

Cute isn’t it 🙂

And these are the products that came within this cute bundle of suprises:

I’ll be posting a little bit about these products lately. I am going to test and try them and tell you how they go.

In the meantime go ahead and log on to Beauty Basket for your own little surprises. Im telling you. You are going to enjoy them.

Happy Friday Guys

Love Lydeeah



4 thoughts on “Lydeeah Loves.. Beauty Basket no. 1

  1. hi lydeeah, when did you actually subscribe beauty basket? in March or early of April? i have been thinking for a while, but read through those feedbacks from Facebook that scare me…thank you.

    • Hi Claire 🙂
      I subscribed on the 6/04/12 and received my beauty basket on the 21st April and the deal that is going on with the “Just Be” magazine. That also came in the box as well. It was quite a smooth transaction. I subscribed for 3 months not quite sure when the next one will be in but I can keep you posted so you know that it is coming in regularly.
      Thanks for visiting my site. 🙂
      Lydeeah x

      • thank you for you reply, Lydeeah. i think i will try the beauty basket, maybe next month, i have also subscribed other beauty boxes, but recently glossybox just joined forced under lust have it so that i would like to try something new…I knew their office locate in sydney, hopefully it will be easier for them to post parcles to ppl who live in sydney. anyway thanks again, oh…love ur blogs….

      • Your welcome Claire. 🙂 It should be fine knowing that the office is in Sydney.
        I would really appreciated if you could support me by following me on wordpress or tumblr or twitter. It would mean a lot to me. Hope you have an amazing day 🙂
        PS. Please tell me our the beauty basket goes for you 🙂
        Happy Shopping.

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