Lydeeah Loves… Op Shop Bargains!

Hello Pretty People,


So you probably remember when I started this blog I made a post in regards to op shopping and tips and tricks.
I went op shopping the other day and I made excellent purchases all under $25.00 mark.
My friends and work friends all think I spend huge amounts of money for all my new looks these days.

Lydeeah Loves Note: MIX and MATCH your clothing and no one will remember the same one outfit.

Lydeeah Loves Note 2:  Mix DESIGNER with OP SHOP Items and you will look a million dollars.

Lydeeah Loves Note 3: Make sure you take care of both your design and op shop clothing. So everything is on good shape and quality.


Thank you Mr Vinnies!

1. This Cute Checker Number was only $5.00. It has the cutest Chanel symbols on it and it is so warm. I pair it up with black heels and tailored pants and shirt and cinch the waist with a cute black belt. All ready for work.

2. This 1950’s style Jacket is so warm and comfy. I am loving the plaid look and it looks  amazing with a snood and accessories. Here we come winter.

3. The Boyfriends blazer: Even though I don’t have a bf I do enjoy this “stolen from the bf” blazer, teamed with a white singlet, jeans and cute flats and accesories. Ready for Chic Day Look!

Happy Op Shopping Guys 🙂

Love Lydeeah


One thought on “Lydeeah Loves… Op Shop Bargains!

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