Lydeeah Loves.. Beauty Basket no. 1

Hello Pretty People,   So I subscribed to this new beauty craze “BEAUTY BASKET” for three months to check out the little cute baskets that gets delivered right to your door every month. Check out their Face Book Page: and their website App to order your … Continue reading

I Heart Collar Necklaces!

Hello Pretty People,   So I have become quite fond on the collars, fake collars, lace collars, chain collars, knit collars, black collars.. you catch my drift right?   So yes I went to this cute “little shop somewhere” and … Continue reading

Lydeeah Loves… Op Shop Bargains!

Hello Pretty People,   So you probably remember when I started this blog I made a post in regards to op shopping and tips and tricks. I went op shopping the other day and I made excellent purchases all under … Continue reading