Biscuit Pocket Mug, I want one or three!

Hello Pretty People,

So I was exploring the World Wide Web and came across these most ADORABLE DESIGNED MUGS.

The picture below says it all:

So if anyone knows who actually invented this nifty cute design please comment below as Im dying to have tea with them.

If I can’t do that, I would like to buy one and have my very own cute biscuit pocket mug.

Why does it have to look so cute.

*sighs* I wish I was an inventor like that!

So yes grab yourself one of these so when you looking through my blog in one hand and holding a mug in the other you know your NOT going to DROP THE BISCUIT!


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Love Lydeeah.



13 thoughts on “Biscuit Pocket Mug, I want one or three!

  1. I like the concept… looks like you’d even get a bit of coffee on to the biscuit as you raised the mug to drink and take a bite of the biscuit.

    But it ends there! I think there needs to be more machinery to this device. And what if you want a scone, instead of a biscuit? Woe!

  2. Initial thought – must have. On second glance, a bit too limited. What if the biscuit doesn’t fit etc. I guess you’d only use it when the right circumstances present. But it really is a tea for one concept isn’t it.

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