Art. Music. Sex. Something I wrote long ago last year.

Love Lydeeah.

Lydeeah Loves A Little

art music sex

Music is much more than wall paper. Music Scratches at your soul and lets you know the bigger picture. Cameron Crowe

The right Song; can Calm Inspire Love, hate cry Make love, jump in joy, go into a state of trance, remember, intensitify….

Influence your mind and boost your mood.

Music is a poweful phenomenon that transcends language, culture, gender and age.
It can slip into your mind and alter your mood for better or worse.

With its harmony, rhythm, lyrics, melody, timbre and pitch.

Together these music elements create an intense and profound emotional reaction.

I was reading a excellent article tonight:  Seven Ways Music Influences Mood.     

And It just makes clear to me that music is a huge part of my life and others.

the connection you can have with people with music involve.
I need music to Clean, Exercise, Drive, Create excitement, to calm


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