In the House of Lydeeah Jade – Movie of the Week.

‎”Em” has been called the most authentic, raw portrait of mental illness in decades. It’s a gripping story about a young man who falls in love with a suicidal woman.

Josh Weathers is an aimless young man in his twenties who is looking for more out of life. Enter Amanda “Em” Helms, a vivacious and spirited young woman who lives life to the fullest. Instinctive mutual attraction brings them together and soon blossoms into a rich romance. But when the two decide to start a new life, and a home together, secrets of the past emerge.

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The House of Lyddeah Jade Poll of the Week.

Now Guys_      How has your week been? So what do you believe you will be if you came back on earth as a bird, a tree a plane and object MAYBE A celebrity or a TEA POT – Ultimately not a PIECE OF TOAST>


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