Welcoming newest blog the baby of the mamma blog – A jar of Hearts

Hello Pretty People,


You probably think why does she have a new one!

Why does she have two blogs? Well I do not have to answer that one –

Just kidding!

Jar of Hearts is where I can express my feelings and thoughts on words quotes lyrics and art!

Its my thinking blog! – Visit : ajarofhearts.wordpress.com

As for lydeeah Jade of all Trades – The name of my blog speaks for its self. I am a “jack of all trades” I dabble in many things love many things and try new things always!

I selly my esty cute arts and crafts – Yes Yes I have not put anything up lately but you should slowly see things coming your way in the end of August!

So Keep a look out!

Anyways I hope everyone is keeping warm and cozy in their houses. As for its Winter in NSW!

Love Lydee xxx


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