Hello Pretty People: – “The Perfect MILO Experience”



milo MILO milo MILO milo MILO milo MILO milo MILO. . . .



  • Milo a huge can of it
  • big massive huge milk shake cups
  • milk
  • and a tiny bit of hot water
  • a big “a***” spoon


Directions to heaven:

  1. so get the big massive milk shake cup!
  2. shovel now i mean SHOVEL 4 heaps of MILO in to it

  3. Then put  a tiny little bit of hot hot boiling water.
  4. Now quickly mix it….and it will become clumpy!  BUT WAIT!
  5. now put milk in and mix about 5 full circles.
  6. and now the GOOD PART!

  7. EAT away…
  8. And drink it….

YOU will not know what its like until you try it!

NOW it takes practise…. you cant have too much milk or too

 much water…

Tell me what you think!!


Love Lydee



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