Hello pretty people. The Routine


You suck, there I said it! Your nothing but a big life ruiner.
You sneak into my life so sneakly.. Without me even noticing & then BAM there you are…
You great when we are doing what you want, everyday everynight.. You want a coffee every morning and a smoke every night.
Mr Routine & Mr soul Ties you must be secret friends.. Why didn’t you tell me this. You lied when you said you were friends with Mr Happy.
Mr soul ties I don’t think you know whats best for me. I m so used to you & your games I accepted it!
Funnyily I remember good times with you guys, you were nice & spontaneous sometimes…. We would play til the sun went down.
Mr soul ties you seem to have a hold of me in the wrong places like my heart & soul.. I try to walk away & you won’t let go.
Mr soul ties, thats it remove your spiny hands off me & let go find someone else..
Mr routine… Please learn something good before coming back into my life… We would be the best of friends.
Well thats all I can say guys at this m


I may forgive you some day.

Love mrs Heart & soul


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