Hello Pretty People – High Tea!

It’s the Queens birthday…

So  I started to think about high tea…

So when I think of  High Tea…

 I think of…

 a british accent, I would naturally say “would you like to come to my tea party” With a posh accent

the most wonderful Author of  “pride and prejudice” – JANE AUSTEN – I you don’t know Jane Austen, I would scorn at you.. But I would let you meet her, I think the Best introduction of understanding her times, her style of writing, etc etc. 

I would  recommend to watch the “Jane

Austen Book Club”

I love it so much I have watched it 10 times already..

For a long time I have wanted the elegance in dresses, the manners, the dances, the language, the courtship, the love of the era she lived in.


And every Jane Austen Lover would love to have a “mr Darcy” in their life.

Also I received from a certain someone a gorgeous book collection from Bath itself. Where Jane Austen was born. And a beautiful charm in a shape of the Victorian style fans.

Website for Awesome things on Jane Austen :





  1. Outside the room where Jane Austen would write, there was a swinging door that creaked. Austen refused to allow it to be fixed because the creaking gave her warning when anyone was entering the room, allowing her time to hide her work.
  2. The young Jane Austen preferred cricket and baseball to traditional girls’ games.
  3. Austen’s perfectionism and attention to detail caused her to edit and rewrite each of her novels at least twice.
  4. Letters saved by Austen’s sister and best friend, Cassandra, reveal that Jane experienced some mysterious romances (material for her novels, possibly?), though she never married.
  5. Austen’s career and life were cut short at the age of 42 when she died of Addison’s disease.


So all in all I just wanted to talk about my Victorian Era love….


Love Lydee xxx


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