Hello Pretty People. Money doesn’t buy you happiness or does it?


  ” money, money money, must be funny in a Rich mans world”

   “Money doesn’t buy happiness but it makes life easier”

 Happiness is a state of mind.


If you hold the belief that money and the experiences it can give you are paramount then a person may in part be miserable, until they are rich and that part is fulfilled.

I had an interesting conversation with someone I highly regard as quite worldly –


“when people have all the money in the world, what is the next thing in line they want they crave – Power!”

Many people NOT ALL with money feel powerful and competitive and go on to have affairs and act like everything is disposable, which is a miserable existence.

But in the end, people who are struggling really look to money as comfort. To not stress to pay bills. Let our kids go on that school trip. To take the family on a holiday. To not have arguments with a spouse. To be able to live comfortably.

As they saying goes ” the grass is greener on the other side.”

So people what do you think? 

 Its a trick question?

Who knows? We are either have money or we don’t BUT…

To live in this big wide world we need it to survive..

Please comment tell me your thoughts.

Luv Lydee xxx




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